Calgary Basement Development Framing

So, you’re ready to start your basement development project. As a professional basement development company, the very first item we cover during the start of construction is to asses the level and square of the existing walls. Even with a brand-new home we are usually replacing 25 percent of the existing studs and adjusting level on walls due to contractors framing the house using studs that are left over from the main house construction that are twisted or warped. They usually do not put the time and care into the making sure everything is square and level as the walls are just getting covered with insulation and vapor barrier to pass final inspection. Start off by using a long level or straight 2×4 to a fully assess the walls in your basement and mark which areas need to be replaced or adjusted. Window framing is generally rushed and should be replaced with straight studs and exact measurements although as long as its within certain parameters shimming can level out the window trim. 

Basements come with certain challenges in framing related to ceiling dropdowns. We are working around gas lines, HVAC Ducting and Plumbing that are mounted below the ceiling joists. Instead of just framing out the ducts and plumbing with unsightly boxes in odd places try to envision that area as a complete space, for instance If half of the living area is needing to be dropped down we plan to continue that drop down throughout the rest of that living area for better overall look and flat ceiling. 

Taking your time and making sure you have square rooms and straight studs will allow your basement development project start strong and finish strong. Straight walls affect drywall finishing, tile work, baseboards, door installation, cabinets and not to mention you don’t want to be looking at warped walls in your completed basement development project. You won’t regret putting the extra time and attention to detail in this stage of your project.

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